Hijab Tips: FAQ

Below are the most common questions from my “Hijab Questionnaire”,  if you have any other questions please email me at britishhijabi@yahoo.co.uk

1)      How do I keep my hijab from slipping?

  • An ‘under-scarf ‘ is the easiest way to maintain your hijab in its place all day. Under-scarfs are typically made from cotton and have an elastic reminiscent of beauty headbands, which when place on you head is large enough to cover the majority of your head and hence an useful grip provided.
  •  Place the under-scarf under your chosen hijab, and this should help to: i) Prevent slipping of hijab ii) allows your hijab pins/brooches material to pin itself to so that it stays place quite comftably all day iii) hold any of your fringe hairs from creeping out, so great after having a short haircut!
  • Where to buy: you can buy these bigger head caps from any local Islamic shop. The, smaller alice  headbands can be brought from your local cosmetic store.

2)      How can I wear the underscarf headband comfortably if I have sensitive ears?

There are two types of uncerscarfs common in the hijab world: the ‘tube’ shaped underscarf (rather a much bigger version of the mainstream cotton headbands)  and tie-backstyle  headband, how to alter both of these underscarfs have been detailed below:

  • The ‘Tube’ shaped Headband can easily position the headband behind your ears, like a normal headband.
  • The Tie-Back Headband is useful as you can adjust the tie back around your ears to a pressure you feel comfortable.  It can also be positioned behind the ears.

3)      I am worried a Hijab will feel too tight around my neck?

  • Consider using a under-scarf headband. The under-scarf has two-fold benefit since i) it will create friction so the scarf stays put and ii) will take away the problem of placing a safe-tin pin at the neck of scarf to secure, so no pin needed around the neck. Instead with a headband you can place a pin on the top edge to join the hijab and headband together so it stays put.
  • Also I would advise new hijabi’s to start with a single layer, thin hijab and if you are more comfortable you can try layering with thin hijabs for style variety.
  • Also, do not feel the hijab has to be wrapped around your neck like a snowman! Adjust how you secure the hijab to your comfort level.

4)      How can I put on the hijab?

  • There are great step-by-step tutorials hijab styles on Youtube from hibjabi’s all over the world – just type in ‘hijab tutorials’ in the search bar, which should bring up a selection to watch.
  • I will also blog some of my favourite step my step hijab styles inspired bover time. Watch this space…! (http://www.youtube.com/user/theBritishHijabi)

5)      What material of hijabs are suitable for the summer/winter?

  • There will be a  “How to adapt hijab for the seasons…” blog post for a more detailed points and picture. But to summarise here the lightweight viscose type fabrics are breathable for summer. The more denser, thicker materials such as pashmina/wool materials are warm and cosy to wear during those chilly winter seasons. Ultimately, also wear materials you are comfortable with.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Khadija A says:

    Love your blog honey. Your work’s awesome. You should get more recognition for your writing, hijaabi fashion talents! Keep up the good work.
    Salaam x x

    1. Aww Jazakhallkair Sis Khadija for taking the time to write this really sweet comment! iA i hope it helps somewhat and stay tuned iA for more! Wasalaam 🙂 xxx

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