About tBH

picture-13_copyI am a 21st century Woman. I am a Londoner. I am a Muslim.

 The core trait of being a Muslim has, at times been seen as incompatible with my other traits: A stereotype that one was either a restricted Muslim woman or a free modern woman.  But I ask, can’t I be muslim and modern?

I grew up with Islam as my religion and I grew up in one of the fashion capital’s of the world, London hence the influence of style has also cultivated me. 

As one of many modern muslim women a resource of style for british hijabi’s is an essential market today. Meeting other hijabis with whom one would not so uncommonly go, “Beautiful, where did you buy that scarf?” and “how do you keep your silk scarf from slipping?” often highlighted to me the need for such a hub. I hope this blog is a space to pull together tips learnt from hijabi experiences of what to wear, or as Trinny and Susannah would have it “What not to wear”!

The British Hijabi blog is also inshallah a step contributing towards hijabi-lifestyle related topics, including my repertoire of London life, profiling of interesting people, reviews, and hopefully some useful gems!


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