Cosmopolitan #IamBeauty Campaign

Cosmopolitan magazine has always been one of my guilty pleasure reads since I was a cosmofeb2016-447x580teenager; being not yet 13 years of age I got my hands on first copy in the doctor’s waiting room and gloriously felt like I was invading my big sister’s bedroom to find out all girly know how’s – safe to say my sweet haribo addiction was displaced with purchasing this since! It really is innocent girly fun, inspirations from variety of strong female ambassador’s and of course insights to oh so glamorous beauty world. On this note one has to not feel guilty for taking time out for oneself, it is part of your wellbeing (ok shhh, that is not my excuse to purchase the decadent Ren Morrocan Rose bath oil that was raved in xmas feature!)
It is safe to say many million of girls rite of passage through to womanhood has been covered like a warm blanket by Cosmopolitan. So much so we often drafted ourselves as ‘cosmo girls’. Given the umbrella that this mainstream magazine houses for fleet of becoming women it comes as brilliant icing on cake Cosmopolitan have opportuned to celebrate this with the #IamBeauty campaign.

Have you checked out the #IamBeauty campaign

What is the #IamBeauty campaign I hear you murmur.#IamBeauty is Cosmopolitan UK latest campaign page (click here) capturing British women and women living in Britain for who they.#IamBeauty is so strikingly easy to join the conversation with a picture, yet powerful that these simple picture’s encapsulate to single portrait that speaks upon the diverse feminine face.

I submitted mine and have to admit I did hesitate because the tag was titled #IamBeauty and well let’s just say one would think that is reserved outright for Victoria Secret models. But than I paused and realised why the direct cosmopolitan title was in fact brilliant since the open platform of #IamBeauty is allowing women to take ownership of defining beauty on their terms of being individuals rather than the perfect feature in advertisements. Refreshingly, Cosmopolitan are allowing real women, real faces of British women living in Britain to simply give a nod to each other.


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