Amazon Christmas Advert – ‘The Priest and the Imam’

By a long mile Amazon, the online retail giant is breaking the Internet. From their record 2015 sales to firmly setting themselves as a serious contender within the £5.6 billion estimated ballpark major labels have spent on Christmas adverts this year.

As if kicking off 2016 Black Friday deals twelve days early wasn’t punchy enough Amazon pretty much gave a hi five wave to their retail competitors via a terrifically heart warming Christmas advert, which has got everyone talking about the depicted friendship story of ‘The Priest and The Imam’.

amazon-christmas-boxing-day-dealsAmazon sales of goods sold at record rate of 86 items per second during their 2015 Black Friday sales marks clear indicator that this online retailer is connecting with customers globally. Therefore, in one way it comes as little surprise that the Amazon Christmas advert this year portrays two friends, who also happen to be vibrant representative of differing ethnic and religious backgrounds connecting by sending each other Amazon parcel gifts.

On the other hand, the visual statement of a Christian priest and the Muslim equivalent Imam exchanging gifts is an extraordinary contrast from standard Christmas adverts. Normally our TV screens during festive periods are filled with sumptuous decadent foods and much wishful gift ideas. Some may even say it is a gamble that a major retailer like Amazon chose a very apparent symbol of interfaith amongst the current climate of constant negative downpour on religious groups, and in particular anti-muslim rhetoric.

But for many others and me it was a breath of fresh air to see a festive advert celebrating a fact that really is not that extraordinary but the reality; that people of all faiths and backgrounds who are indeed good friends, colleagues, neighbours and do send each other well wishes respective of their cultural celebrations.


The simplicity of this Amazon Christmas advert surpasses even the hotly anticipated £7 million John Lewis advert for me. Whilst John Lewis’s storyline with Biff the dog was indeed lovely to watch, Amazon’s classic portrayal of a good old cup of tea between friends captured the heart of Christmas festive spirit – that is communities getting together, talking, and giving to one another. This is an advert that resonates with the soul of festive glad tidings.

Having released the advert without the fanfare typical of Christmas adverts it’s surprising to say, in my opinion Amazon eclipsed the top spot of Christmas advert realm this year. Kudos to Amazon, clearly the marketing gurus behind the brand are continually evolving from the wildly successful Kindle enterprise to Prime shipping and now reaching us from our living room TV screens – which indeed firmly crowns Amazon marketplace amongst notable retail names upon consumer lips.  I certainly look forward to how Amazon will creatively push the boat out in 2017. For present moment, Merry Christmas to my christian friends and wishing everyone happy winter festivities – I just hope my oven works this year to cook the turkey!


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