This Child – Omran Daqneesh

One of the most iconic and heart wrenching global images this summer has to be that of a tearless, bloodied, dust-ridden child with glazed eyes staring, silently into vacant space.

Photograph by 27yr old Mahmoud Rslan

This child pictured, his name is Omran Daqneesh – a name representing for the thousands of nameless children caught up in a reckless war of thugs. This has sadly happened through time, all over the world. Even most recent attacks in Paris, Brussels, Turkey where innocent people and children have been horrifically taken too soon from their families. It really does not matter what race, religion or location people are from, especially the souls of innocent children of our world.

The Time article, “The Night Omran was saved” by Andrew Katz aptly depicts the first hand account of the various rescue workers on the scene for collapse of building impacted by Omran’s family.  For example, the multiple roles for Rslan, the photographer of the image shared above who was also one of the rescuers at the Qaterji neighbourhood during the airstrike on Aleppo this August 17th. Rslan, he was just your average local pastry worker prior to the revolution is now a dedicated aid worker to those people too poor to even try flee their dire surroundings. This young man soundly highlights how people have become the unwitting heroes for those stricken in desperate need of help.

This Child Poem

People like Rslan may not have the super power of Marvel superheroes, but it is clear during turbulent times that unsung stars are born. These rescue workers and many charities that come forward to simply just help disadvantaged people show how there is light amongst the darkness, and even translates for our own daily struggle of issues to still see stones of good shining even from the veering distant tunnel. That even when witnessing most difficult of times you look for the light, to see hope for better, even if just a prayer is all to offer in the surrounding darkness.

Hence why poem above, “This Child” has words written in black and white – whilst the black is the reality of the destructiveness of these inhumane conflicts, the white words represents the hope for better, the light of the good people and dream for paradise for the innocents taken too soon. To see positive amongst negative images, the background workers heroic actions whom bring essence of the ‘silver lining’ amongst the dark worded clouds.




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