The “Boyfriend” Style Outfit

Let’s talk about the modest boyfriend style easy to wear all year round – first, this cut should always be a staple trend on the high street,

Boyfriend side pic
Wearing my trusty 5yr-old boyfriend oasis jacket, and current favourite Topshop boyfriend denim pants

and secondly certain products like the boyfriend jacket should never go to the back of one’s wardrobe regardless of whether it is or not in the spotlight. As Oscar Wilde put it, “fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable we have to change  it every six months”, echoing my thoughts that we need to simply wear what ourself feels best.

When first shopping for smart workwear I found suit shopping harder than casual wear shopping, which is somewhat hilarious because from my teenage years being a muslim girl trying to bridge latest fashion and modesty with high street apparel was not always without some clinches to stitch apart, so I naively always thought a box standard office outfit would be easy – it was not. Being petite height when I did find the right trouser, I often found straight cut female work trousers often pinch up around my delicate nether region (to describe politely) whilst walking, and the paired suit jacket coming up short for my preferred coverage.

Warehouse boyfriendPersonally, I was not comfortable, didn’t feel I could pull it off but I wore it as it was ‘office’ material. Luckily, with some shopping around I eventually found the Chanelesqe Parisian vibe. Indeed  even Ms Coco famously favoured her ‘boy’ look, and so it ended up that I nonchalantly looked for ‘boyfriend’ attire pieces whilst window shopping to and from lunches. This has meant that I had to shop blazers and trousers separately rather than buying those direct 1 piece suits, which honestly can be a bit of a nuisance in the beginning. Don’t be put off though as you really only need a 3 key pieces for the wardrobe, once you have it they are for keeps.

3boy picHandily the ‘boyfriend’ style does interchange with most outfit combinations, not just restricted to workwear. For instance, my first love of boyfriend jacket was brought from Oasis during christmas sale for bargain price of £10 and has been much used over five years to both meetings and weekend walks in the park. So foremost, buy a boyfriend jacket it adds that cosmopolitan look when thrown over dresses and chic when paired with trousers. Another item is the denim boyfriend jacket, this easily gives vintage 90s feel but really is just ultimate comfy covering and instant casual overthrow to see you through the seasons.
boyqoutefinalMy last capsule wardrobe recommendation from this style is the ‘boyfriend jeans’. Though buying one can be tricky without trying on first, since although jackets can easily be brought few sizes up to attain the oversized appeal in contrast denim pants are more difficult since you would have to get your exact waist size – so your pretty much at the behest of style cut from manufacturer. For myself the worst aspect to denim pants is the takeover of skinny jeans, as the resizing to ‘skinny’ being much a standard now I feel more easily fuels female body image issues. I was in the changing room last week putting on my normal size but the skinny jean literally created smiley lumps across my knees that were never there – what about those whom are naturally curvier? It really cannot be healthy for trouser labels to distinguish body shapes. Unsurprisingly, the ‘boyfriend’ and ‘mom’ cut jeans are my preferred purchase. I’m relieved that high street retailer, Topshop now seem to have dedicated seasonal lines to these styles. My customer appeal to high street shops is to make real boyfriend jean (yes a true oversized fluid denim, not simply labelled ‘boyfriend’ but in reality a tapered slim cut) just as easily available as skinny jean style for sake of variety, until than Topshop is the place where denim galore and various style cuts is happening.


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