2013 New Year Resolutions

So it’s not January and in fact we are a few months since the January New Year resolution yield point, which really makes it a good time as ever to check in on how your 2013 goals are fairing.

I am making myself do a reflection now since the year 2012 just seemed to fly by for me so not all my goals were achieved – my brother aptly pointed out the other day that the oh-so novel camera I brought with intention to refine my photography hobby is still within its box on the shelf. I would cut myself some slack though (ah to be one’s own judge!) as it was not without fact of being busy  – it was mix of much needed sleep recharge weekends needed with my  job that required me to travel to Birmingham from London along with catching up with friends in my much missed West End Oxford Street, help with close loved one weddings, as well as family baby boom and I am certainly no superwoman.

Last week me and le family have been watching our favourites on the Britain’s Got Talent semi-finals which just brought back fact that last year went so fast for me as it seems not so distant that we were revving up to watch the 2012 Olympics, and my eyes were thrilled when driving past the first ultra-graphic Games 2012 direction signs up on lampposts during this time last year.

Just one of the quirky artistic posters for the games. Graphics were amazing, so much hard work to make this event as amazing as it was!

Indeed The Games came and it was very much family and friends glued to BBC coverage of  the Olympics (the prime seat if you didn’t manage to get ticket!), rushing to get a good TV view as soon as we broke our Ramadhan fast in time to watch the likes of Jessica Ennis and Mo Farrah race to gold!  Summer 2012 will be fondly etched as Golden Summer for me, with Team GB glistening record medals and local red postboxes tinkered with fairy dusting of gold paint made the silver-cloud lining adage rather sparkling gold!

Our Olympic Golden girl Ms Jessica Ennis x
Our Olympic Golden girl Ms Jessica Ennis x

Though on that note I am definitely still pinching myself that the Olympic year has passed, I recently even filled out a form with date year 2012! Absentminded typo but I know the reason being that I pinch myself that Britain’s event of the year, and most probably decade has now passed. I remember avidly watching the Beijing 2008 closing ceremony with Boris Johnson waving the torch symbolising the exciting Olympic event coming to London in 4 years time and I could not wait. True to imagination it was a fantastic event, and amongst a busy time of work, fasting, friends weddings that when the summer ended I realised the 4 years of built up excitement had suddenly ended.

So flying away is how 2012 felt for me – one of those times where the clock has gone by faster than you comprehended. Now, I have wistfully told myself to ensure I get at least one of my 2013 resolutions complete I must impress some discipline this weekend to not simply sun bathe at my friends barbecue event for Britain’s Got Talent final but also get those camera lenses out and snap some hopefully picturesque pictures as well! I should note I have skipped the actual more disciplined ‘Join Gym’ resolution goal, but one at a time!

For those that also felt the vacancy from the ending of the exciting atmosphere buzzed through the last 4 years to summer 2012 Olympics we still have something to look forward for Team GB in the soon arrival of a new Royal baby!  I’m excited by potential of a girl of course  in interest of record breaking girl power monarchy! Either way muchos congratulations to Prince William and Kate!

On a last note a warm thank you for the kind messages sent in from people enjoying the blog, this is a hobby for me to write and connect with people who likewise enjoy quirks of fashion, the fittings of hijabi style and random notes of a London chica…and I will look to soon put in a style article from one of my favourite shopping hotspots for bargain vintage buys. But right now I’m going to enjoy the sun that has  come out today!

Cant wait for the BGT finale! Love Jack Carrol and Pre-Skool so adorable!!
Cant wait for the BGT finale on Saturday, some  of the most touching acts this year! Love Jack Carrol and how adorable are Pre-Skool kids! Secretly rooting Francine Lewis does another Essex impersonation!

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