Styling the Turkish Hijab

The ‘Turkish Hijab’ is the ultimate catwalk conservatism collection.

Modern Turkish Fashion brand, ‘Setrms’ gracefully illustrates the classic and elegant Turkish style in a Fashion catwalk collection. Sophistication is clearly a popular and timeless Turkish motif.

During my holiday in Turkey I noted the uniform formal fashion style of the Turkish women there, and found it fascinating to see that in the 21st century fashion era of style variety being scripted as part of our London seasonal catwalks that a Turkish woman’s outfit was decidedly within a formal time capsule collection.

The epic Victorian corset style

My observation on this style uniformity reminded me of the fashion era of the past, where  fashion cuts conformed to distinctive features which thus acted as a signature for the era. It brings to ones mind of the distinctive British fashion periods; the Victorians and their corsets, tiny waist and full skirts and Edwardians with their formal cuts and high collars.

Indeed, like the grandiloquent Edwardian era the Turkish women’s fashion are adorned with classic cuts. Turkish clothes and in particular the hijab styles are innumerably crisp, with straight cut lines and often high neck collars. Whilst exploring the different areas of Turkey during my recent holiday it seemed typically, the more upper-class the woman the more conservative, Edwardian style of outfit.

Clean cut style of the classic Edwardian Women
Typical Turkish women Hijab style – not so far from the clean cut Edwardian fashion era. Fabulously classic!

Personally, I do like the Turkish pinned up style for formal wear events, and believe that over here in Britain it would be an ideal style for job interviews, because of the polished look.

On the note of how to translate the Turkish hijab style, this holiday has inspired me to highlight how the square hijab’s can also work for you if you wanted to branch out and try! The strong square hijab presence in Turkey brought me to wonder why the square hijab is not as popular in Britain than rectangle scarves, and not necessarily seen as stylish? Talking to my hijabi friends it seems that they have favoured rectangle scarves over square hijab’s as they are unsure how they can maintain the hijab from slipping forward, since square hijab’s are often made from delicate materials. Also, since the square hijab has predominantly been styled in a formal wear, by the nations that wear them the most how one can modernise this formality is a style concept that has not yet been popularised.

Sooooo on this note I was thinking to do a few video demonstrations over next few weeks on the square hijab, both formal and informal modern styles. I hope inshallah that they will be useful, and allow some of you ladies to branch out to square your hijab and inspire how you can change it if you do so already!

The videos attached below highlight a classic square hijab tutorial I have already done. Hope it is useful, let me know what you ladies think! 🙂



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