Royally sealed with a kiss

The gorgeous Royal Couple

Today is one of those national treasure days for us British folks, and indeed memorabilia to watch for millions worldwide for the day marks the ceremonial Royal Wedding of our Prince William and his bride, Princess Catherine.

I love London on days like this; it comes alive, and shows off the spirit of the nation. No matter what class, rich, poor, colour, creed, or faith we all come together to celebrate what is great about Britain; our monarchy, pageantry and British spirit!

Personally, on such days as these I feel particularly lucky to be a Londoner with the historic Westminster Abbey venue located here, and thus being midst the heart of sweet anticipation for the Royal wedding procession. British folks, families from our Greater Britain counterparts and cross Atlantic neighbours heralded mugs and national flags around the ceremonial venue. The lucky persons whom managed to position themselves in front of the Buckingham palace gates for the famous “Balcony kiss”, to the surrounding park festivals and afar street parties means that celebrations was most definitely in the air! The Prime Minister, David Cameron even held a street party at Downing Street with cupcakes and all the trimmings. The Royal Wedding day this special Bank Holiday 29th April 2011 was thence most defiantly a marked day of national community spirit rejoicing in this regal splendour!

The 'sweet william' bridal flowers

There were key moments during the ceremony which made me go ‘awww’; such as Prince Harry giving Prince William cheeky commentary as the then to be Princess Catherine walked up the aisle, to when Prince William can be seen to say “You look beautiful” to the stunning bride as she came to stand beside him and the glimpse of not one but two kisses from the balcony. Catherine Middleton arrived at Westminster Abbey as a commoner, the smallness of her voice resonating off the walls of the cavernous venue during the vows and left a true Princess akin to fairytale stories. A true moment in history, so magical that it makes you believe in love and magic all over again.

Princess Catherine looking the absolutely gorgeous, radiant bride!

Princess Catherine’s much anticipated wedding dress certainly lived up to its hype, designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander Mcqueen she looked every part of a beautiful bride. The exquisitely laced sleeve, modern high neck cut fused with traditional handloomed brocade is a style statement of today’s time. Absolutely gorgeous. Stunningly beautiful, she was a picturesque sight amongst the greenness of the Westminster Abbey décor and reminded me slightly of Lady Marian in the forest from Robin Hood. The green flowering was reminiscent of an English garden, representing symbols of purity, peace and trueness of such a happy occasion. The bridal bouquet “sweet William” flower was also another cute touch, perceptibly linking to her husband-to-be Prince William (awww).

Simple and straightforward was a motif that popped up throughout the wedding. For example, Princess Catherine’s stunning yet simple lace gown with a modest 2.7 metre trail in comparison to other royal wedding trails including Princess Diana’s, which was a whooping 7.6 metres long. There were also only two wedding cakes made, which is humble in comparison to the variety of previous royal weddings. These touches highlight the simplicity of the new Royal couple, which ultimately makes one feel more in touch with them. How this future King and Queen have marked their wedding with these extraordinary touches, absolutely make it a wedding for today’s time.

Royal couple driving out in typical wedding decor fashion!

The British monarchy is a heritage within the British artery, and a day such as today demonstrates the reverence by the British public to the family that represent the British nation. Naturally, over the decades the monarchy has developed and changed but the Royal Ceremony today marked a distinctive modern flavour of what we can expect from the second heir to the throne. The modern flavour I refer to are those ‘down to earth’ moments integrated within the backdrop of such a traditional grandeur event, as reflected above. A moment to highlight in particular would be when Prince William personally drove Princess Catherine, in his fathers Aston Martin from Buckingham Palace to Clarence House! Clearly, this new Royal couple were not frolicking in any Divine Right of Kings haughtiness but rather more of the sophisticated elegance, and “ju5t wed” (per the nifty Aston Martin number plate title!) norm.

After a decade of knowing eachother ,the couple previously known as ‘Wills and Kate’ have been ceremoniously titled by the Queen as Duke of Cambridge and Duchess of Cambridge respectively. Although, I can’t resist but say to our girl-next-door, “Yay, checkmate Kate got her King”! I adore the lovebug royal newlyweds, and wish much congratulations to the royal couple on their special day! 🙂

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  1. Emma says:

    from Spain congratulations

    1. Thank you Emma – they make such a gem couple! Royalty bespoke!

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