Handling BIG Hijabs

Ever wondered what you can do with your chunky, big scarves or Dupatta’s?

Donning a big H&M hijab

H&M, the high-street shoponova store are popularising the hijab scene this year with their lovely print scarves, and given most of the H&M hijabs are long and wide it seems apt to do a tutorial to highlight one way you can handle these big hijabs.

I would also like to take the opportunity on point of discussing the ‘Big hijabs’ to highlight the great versatility of these bigilicious hijabs and when they will be useful to you as a hijabi, as listed below:

1) Coverage: if you would like effortless coverage, are particularly big chested or have a low cut top a wide long hijab allows you to effortlessly cover

2) Volume & Folds: Do you wonder how hijabis create the volume look? Well a Big hijab allows an effortless height to be created via the ability to fold the hijab in sections, thus creating a heightened stepped look. How many layers you add, and how big the folds is up to you, and thus flexibility allowing you to create high as well as subtle volume hijab looks.

3) Layers without Heat: as stated above in point 2, and demonstrated in the video attached below a big hijab allows you to create multiple layers without requiring you to take the hijab around your neck. This means that you create the illusion of layers without actually wrapping the hijab around your head that many times, hence not heating you up!

4) Volume without headaches & hair loss: Since you do not need to have your hijab in a high bun with a big hijab, yet the ability to created stepped layers with a bigilicious hijab automatically transforms the hijab from flat straight to volumed height! Thus hijabi’s with fragile hair, dislike to have hijab in high buns for health, hair loss or principle concerns utilising a big hijab can be an alternative

5) Maxi dresses: considering the most maxi dresses, being a dress in nature tends to have a flowing chic look a big hijab thence allows you to create a flowing look that blends with the maxi dress style. It can look odd to wear a strict, stiff formal hijab with a flowing maxi dress. I’m sure you ladies will agree a casual dress flows better with a casual styled hijab 🙂

The video attached below illustrates the usage of the popular floral print H&M:


2 Comments Add yours

  1. You look so cute Masha’Allah! Our posts are always so similar! Great minds think alike — that’s why i like reading your posts. I do my hijab style like the one you showed in your video and i did a maxi post too! So good to see other bloggers with great ideas!!!!

    1. Aww jzkAllahkair for the comment, I’m glad you enjoy the posts sis! Yay great minds do think alike ;)! I will for sure check out your post on Maxi dresses sis, and I likewise I also think its great that we have this diversity of bloggers, the more variety of content for us hijabis out there! salaams x

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