Maxi dresses: coolness for the warm weather

With the lovely April sun and Britan set only to get warmer it only seems timely to highlight some of the great Maxi dresses out there.

Below are a range of maxi dresses ranging from varying prices and for various occasions to highlight the versatilty of this garment. Enjoy being ‘maxi’ed!

The Goddess Maxi Dress

This lovely sapphire blue coloured floor length maxi dress has that gorgeous crochet waist detail. Hmmm I am in love!

Styling idea of how to hijab this Maxi:

  1. A thin, navy blue cropped cardigan will focus on the crochet waist detail.
  2. A navy blue hijab stopping at the top of the maxi dress will give all the attention to this simply stylish maxi dress.
  • I say navy blue so as to make the sapphire blue colour pop within a sea of blue! Cream colour cardi/hijab can also be used, for a brighter effect.
  1. Turn Maxi into eveningwear: by adding a sequined black crop cardigan/hijab with a bold clutch bag would rev this maxi dress up for an evening dinner!

 Where to buy: for £59

The Understated Maxi Dress

This belted floral maxi dress, is understatedly cute.

Styling idea of how to hijab this Maxi:

  1. A red undertop will make the floral print pop
  2. This dress can easy become boyish chic with added Army combats that have been popular this season gone, teamed with a black cardigan to makeup for the sleeveless maxi is sure to be a different chic look during the more dull summer days. 

Where to buy: New Look, £36.99

The Effortless Daywear Maxi Dress

This maxi dress is great for that ‘I get out of bed with no effort greatness’ look! The blocks of colour and simple cut make this a lovely day wear maxi.

Styling idea of how to hijab this Maxi:

To keep with the effortless look I would personally keep with a light crop cardi so that it flows within the light cream block colour

Due to the block design of this maxi dress you can easily make this maxi dress more of a 70’s vibe by adding a headband feature accross your forehead and layer your hijab in a relaxed manner over your head (this can be previewed in the ‘Turn your day wear hijab into evening glam’ video)

 Where to buy: Warehouse, £35

The ‘rrrrr’ Evening Maxi Dress

Animal print always add a tigeress prowl to an outfit, and depending on how its cut and colours used it can be classy. This maxi dress designed by Warehouse designers has found the perfect balance with the cut and etheral colours used.

Styling idea of how to hijab this Maxi:

  1. The off shoulder cut of this maxi dress is a standout feature and what takes this Maxi dress to evening class, so you would not want to cover it up.  Instead wear a black undertop so the  focus remains on the dress.
  2. Black heels will be ace in completing the evening  maxi dress look

Where to buy: Warehouse £60

n.b. Warehous do a great range of spotlight maxi dress for the summer collection which are great for eveing occasions so check the store out in upcoming month as they will have more to come!

The ‘Anything you make it’ Maxi dress

The light beige tone of this maxi dress means you can team it with different colours, hijab styles and accessories to give a look according to your mood and weather!

Styling idea of how to hijab this Maxi:

  1.  If you wanted to blend with the beige tones and hone in on the gypsy look wear a thin, cream under-top and have your hijab styles in a gypsy style across your forehead.
  2. You can bring out the floral nature of the maxi dress with strong feminine colours such as hot pink/purple cropped cardigan
  3. platform wedges will help give a more edgy gypsy look whilst flat sandals will give more flowly look.
  4. Adding different bold, paint colours will allow you to play with colours and make this maxi your own each day!

Where to buy: H&M £12.99

n.b H&M are doing a fantastic range of value for your money Maxi dresses at this moment in time so I would most definitely recommend you to check it out.

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