Hijabi Hair myths busted & 2 great hair products for hijabbed locks!

The ‘hijab’ myths:

Over the years I have met people who have concerns about what effect a ‘hijab’ will have on their hair. Indeed the issue of hijab and ‘health risk’ has even made its way to national newspapers and forefront of journalist debates! On this note, as a hijabi I think it would be useful to address some of these myths and reveal what the actual issues and solutions are.

Do you lose hair if you wear hijab?

Does hijabbing give you vitamin D deficiency?

What is the point of taking care of your hair if you hijab?

Answers to these questions and some solutions have been discussed in the video below:

Let me know what you girls think and it you have any issues you would like to discuss/share!

Vitamin D futher information:

  • “Vitamin D deficiency is a very common problem – more than half of the UK population has insufficient levels of vitamin D”. (www.patient.co.uk)
  • Further information and statistics in regards to Vitamin D Deficiency can be found here: http://www.patient.co.uk/health/Vitamin-D-Deficiency.htm

Hair Products Reviewed

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer:

  • You can read reviews and video demonstration of the PK Elastizer at www.QVCUK.com
  • Price: current rrp is £22.50 for 150ml
  • Hair types: great for all hair types (fine, thick, wavy, afro carribean)
  • Why I recommend: this conditioning treatment is especially great for chemically treated hair. Personally, it helped me when I went through a crazy period of constantly colouring my hair :), and helped restore the moisture and bounce of my hair strands.

Olive Oil:

This is a budget friendly solution, but great scalp treatment.

  • Price: depends on which type you buy, can be as cheap as £1 -£15 for 200ml. Check out your health food store/ supermarket for the one that you like.
  • Storage: As olive oil reacts to light it should ideally be kept in a cool, dark area so that it remains at its optimum.
  • Why I recommend: Massaging the oil within scalp for a minute or two will not only relax you after having you hair tied up all day but help with dandruff, scalp itchiness and thus increase comfort of wearing the hijab.

If you have tried any of these products or have any myths/issues/products of your own let me know?!


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