‘Hijabbing’ the 1950s Era

Background to 1950s female fashion in Britain:

The 1950s fashion for women in Britain was ultra feminine. Following the austerity of the World Wars the 1950s saw an excitement for self-expression, which translated into the vintage and retro style of this era. Queen Elizabeth II coronation dress in 1953 also captures the stunning return to rich, feminine elegance.

The 1950s women clothing are known for their full skirts, pencil slim tubular skirts and hair curls with bow clips (as captured by the image on the right ). The great aspect of the 1950’s is that it embraced femininity, with curvy figures such as the iconic Marilyn Monroe popularising the Hollywood scene.

The 1950s Hijab tutorial video:

Get the 1950’s Hijab look:

  • Get instant 1950s chic by adding a bow headband (like the pic to the left), bow clips or making a bow design with a fabric to add to your hijab. To see a demonstration, see the video tutorial attached.
  • Colourful accessories, pieces were also popular during this era. So you could just have that one bright bow brooch as a feature to your 1950s chic look.
  • Add a belt at your waist to synch it in and bring a pleated, curvy flowing look.
  • Glove s and hat pieces with cute flower/ bow detailing give the finishing detailed 1950’s touches to an outfit.

Examples below of current 50s style dresses on the high street:

Where to buy ‘Bow’ style accesories:

You can find bow accessory clips in many high street stores; Accessorize, Claire’s Accessories, Miss Selfridges, Topshop, H&M are to name a few. Hmmm… a good excuse for us girls to shop!
Intresting fact: Marks and Spencer had to have a limit on production in Britain becasue they were too popular. This is because of the demand from mainstream people wanting to have the Paris 1950s fashion look, and M&S (as we know it today) was the most affordable yet best quality imitation high street brand. Got to love the supply and demand of high street stores, present to this very day!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. hiba says:

    this look is absolutely stunning mashallah. I’m really into the 50’s look and have always tried to spice up my hijab lol 🙂

    1. Thankyou for the comment sis, and letting me know – I also love recreating period looks like the 1950s, really girlly girl 🙂

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