Party Hijab: Cleopatra Inspired

“Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale, Her infinite variety” Anthony and Cleopatra, Act 2 Scene 2, William Shakespeare
How Cleopatra has stood the watch of time:
Pharoah Cleopatra VII is a classic heroine of time. Her legacy has ignited filmmakers and writers to portray her reign, including the classic “Anthony and Cleopatra”  by renowned British playwright, William Shakespeare.
Cleopatra’s mythical beauty or speculated love from two powerful Roman rulers of history are not her standout watermarks in my opinion, rather the fact that she was the absolute politician by using costume and reinvention to gain her alliances. Her political resilience certainly paid off since she eventually became the sole ruler of Egypt and brought prosperity to her country despite being amongst ruthless men, with whom there was no stoned safety clause for her. Admittedly, take the good with the bad if you will as I would not regard myself to have the talkative swagger of a politician nor advocate you to charm your way to gain. However, one has to admire the essential tenacity of this woman, her drive and willpower to achieve.
Egyptologist Joann Fletcher, author of the biography “Cleopatra the Great” states “She was one of the most dynamic figures the world has ever seen. And I don’t think that’s an exaggeration”. When one considers that Cleopatra became Queen at the tender age of 17 and yet bloomed Egypt to economic boom, as well as managed anchor as the only Mediterranean country resisting to become a vassal to the mighty Rome inclines one to  ultimately agree with Fletcher. Cleopatra’s feat was extraordinary.
A charismatic politician, well read and resourced woman with four children makes Cleopatra not only a powerhouse of her time but the embodiment of the female empowerment mantra today.
This is the inspired Cleopatra pic referred to in the tutorial video
How to Hijab Cleopatra’s style:
• Headpieces are symbolic of this Egyptian style. You can easily channel this with some form of intricate headband detail or simple gold satin ribbon around the crown of your hijab.
• The Hijab needs to loosely fall around the front
• The Ancient Egyptian style is rather robe like, so very easy to channel with a  long dress or abaya.
• If you would like to recreate a more authentic Egyptian costume you can easily do so  with about 2yards of satin fabric (adjust according to your size/height), and simply wrap around yourself than secure with a safe-tin pin. Add a gold ribbon around your waist if you wish to give some edge.
What events Cleopatra’s style suitable for:
Cleopatra inspired styling is a dressy look, so a winner for those girly glamour/ dress-up party’s! Why not be an Egyptian Queen at your next party themed event?! 🙂

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