The practical Spring season item…

…a Mac jacket!


Given the changeable British climate a Mac is an ideal and useful item to have in your hijab wardrobe!

The great aspect of Mac’s is that they are lightweight and not bulky, yet provide a cool barrier against windy climates. A mac can be layered with wolly scarfs for that additional warmth when its that bit more colder but not quite chilly, (such as the transition from autumn to winter), or alternatively can be worn alone for the times when it is not quite warm (like now)!

Another plus of Macs is that they are ideal for the lady’s who wear abaya’s. This is because the length of a mac will prevent the abaya from flowing around too much during a windy climate, and is light enough to not be bulky in the spring season.

The popularity of this practical garment means there are lots of different styles in the shops to suit your tastes and figure. I have noted a few differing Mac styles below:

Below are pitcures of me in my 1960’s style purple Mac:

Adding woolly scarfs to heat up Mac!

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  1. Brainworthy says:

    I really love this spring look but have never quite managed to make it suit my figure :(! I’m not sure if the Mac would look good on a curvy figure. What do you think?

    1. It would! One plus point of the mac is that it is thin so would not be bulky on. Also, there are a variety of mac design cuts out there to suit every figure!
      If you are pear/ apple curvy look for shorter mac, above knees and avoid the macs which have frilly hems, and pleats at the skirt of the mac as that would add puffiness to the figure. Below are links to a couple of example Mac’s from Debenhams – they are no frill with cleaver pinstriping/ triming detail which adds design detail without bulk:,

      Most importantly, remember you will find one to suit you. Take a handful of different macs to the changing rooms and try them on, you never know!:)

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