Your basic Hijab Wardrobe

As the first ‘Hijab Wardrobe’ segment I thought it should begin at the basics of a hijab wardrobe, and so giving us a clear platform for the later blogs.

Listed below are THE hijabi basics needed to make your hijabing convenient and flexible for different styles.

You can buy these basics at your local Islamic store, they are relatively cheap at £1-£3 each. If you would like an assortment of colours in your hijab basics, so that they match the tone of your hijab the “ZamZam” store in Upton Park, London have a great assortment. If you feel a little adventurous and enjoy finding these basic items in unique patterns then go and explore the Shepard Bush Market in Hammersmith, London (you can get good deals from the merchants as well here!). Also, The Hijab Shop online have an array of bonnet cap designs, take a look via the following link:

1) Underscarf  Underscarves are a must in the hijabi wardrobe for various hijab situations: a slippery hijab, the see-through hijab, and the no-safe-tin pin hijab style are to name a few uses of an underscarf .There are different types of underscarfs (pictured below), which one you buy depends largely on your taste and the hijab style you are aiming for. For instance, the ‘Big headband’ and small headband underscarf come in handy if you have a short fringe that you need to hold back from your face. The string underscarf is useful if you like to control the underscarf wrap around your ears, and is needed for the Turkish styles of hijab.
2) Long pins Essential in giving control when styling the hijab and very useful to keep hijab in place.
3) Safe-tin pin Well every lady needs these for those tailor needed situations!
4) Snag free pin These are great if you have a particularly fancy hijab that you need to pin. Aptly considered ‘snag- free’ since the pin will not catch within the hijab fabric, which can at times be the unfortunate effect of a safe-tin pin.
5) Basic Black scarf To go with all your outfits, for those moments when your in a rush!
Pins pins & pins!
‘String cap’ underscarf
The "small headband' underscarf
"Big headband" underscarf

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